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The Titan Wash and Wax – *NEW Service*
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This service is unlike any basic automobile cleaning you have ever had! We take washing the exterior of your vehicle and cleaning the interior of your vehicle to another level! You would swear your car was detailed!

**PLEASE NOTE** There is a 2 car minimum for this service.

Estimated Time (Depending upon the condition and size of your vehicle) – 30 minutes – 1 hour

    • Hand Wash
    • Chamois Dry
    • Liquid Paste Wax Application
    • Bug And Tar Removal
    • Premium exterior paint gloss application (this removes streaks and smudges and will produce an amazing shine to your vehicle)
    • Wheels, Tires, And Wheel Wells Cleaned And Shined
    • Exterior Trim (If applicable) Dressed
    • Exterior And Interior Windows Cleaned Streak Free
    • Interior Vacuum
    • Dashboard, Cup Holders, Door Jambs Cleaned And Conditioned


The Titan Signature Exterior Detail
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An excellent service designed to correct, protect, and beautify the exterior of your automobile. This service is recommended every 6 months.

Estimated Time (Depending upon the condition and size of your vehicle) – 2 hours – 5 hours+

    • Hand Wash
    • Chamois dry
    • Paint Clay (This Process Removes Surface Contaminants And Will Leave Your Paint Smooth As Butter!)
    • Bug And Tar Removal
    • Wheels, Tires, And Wheel Wells Cleaned And Shined (Chrome Wheels Are Polished)
    • Exterior Trim (If applicable) Conditioned (Restores Color Depth To Dull Trim)
    • Exterior Windows Cleaned Streak Free Plus Exterior Window Protection
    • Paint Compound (Blemishes, Light Scratches, Oxidation, And Swirls) (This Step Is If Necessary)
    • Paint Polish (To Bring Out The Luster Of Your Paint And To Remove Swirl Marks And Blemishes)
    • Paint Sealant (To Protect And Enhance The Gloss Of Your Paint)
    • Premium Carnauba Wax Application (We Use Only The Highest Quality Waxes On The Market) (This Application Will Put Down A Layer Of Protection On Your Paint Protecting It From The Elements And Will Also Enhance The Gloss Of Your Paint Even More.)
    • All Exterior Chrome Polished (Emblems, Tail Pipe, etc.)


The Titan Signature Interior Detail
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Our interior detailing service is a very thorough service designed to clean and freshen the interior of your automobile to better than new. Recommended anytime you want the interior of your vehicle to look, feel, and smell better than new.
Estimated Time (Depending upon condition and size of your vehicle) – 1 hours – 3 hours+

    • Interior Vacuum
    • All Interior Surfaces, Cracks, Crevices, Etc. Cleaned And Conditioned
    • Carpet Shampoo
    • Upholstery Cleaned (If Applicable)
    • Headliner gently cleaned
    • Trunk cleaned if applicable
    • Leather Cleaned And Conditioned Using Only The Finest Leather Creams On The Market Today. (If Applicable)


The Titan Signature Detail
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The Titan Signature Detail service is a combination of the Exterior and Interior services above. This detail is what made Titan Mobile Detail who we are today!

Estimated Time (Depending upon condition and size of your vehicle) – 4 hours – 8hours+

    • Signature Interior And Exterior Packages Combined


The Titan Headlight Restoration Servic
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Do you have dull and/or yellowish headlights making it first difficult to see at night while driving, and second, their also taking away from the beauty of your vehicle? Well, we strongly recommend the Titan Headlight Restoration Service! This service will restore and protect your headlights making them look like new.

Estimated Time (Depending upon the condition of your headlights) – 30 min. – 1 hour

    • Headlights Cleaned
    • Wet-sanded
    • Compounded
    • Polished
    • Waxed With A Long-Lasting Sealant Wax For Protection



  • Payment is due upon completion of service.
  • We reserve the right to reschedule service due to poor weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances.
  • Pricing may be quoted higher if you choose one of our “Signature Packages” and your vehicle requires lengthy work and/or special equipment/supplies.
  • Cancellation Policy: If you choose to cancel an appointment, you will be charged a non- refundable $25 cancellation fee if you cancel within 24 hours of your set appointment.
  • Reschedule Policy: If you choose to reschedule your appoinment, please give a 3 day notice before your set appointment, if not you will be charged a non- refundable $10 rescheduling fee.